Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about Smooth?

The unique benefit of Smooth is the focus on your privacy.  You control the information that is shared with others.  You can browse profiles, get matched to someone, chat, and have a phone call to setup a meet up without ever sharing your contact information.

When people connect and start interacting with each people we want to ensure that our users have confidence those communications remain private.  It is against our terms of service for people to repost conversations or images found on Smooth.  Users caught sharing images or conversations  will have their accounts suspended and / or banned.

We want to ensure people are connecting with real people that have a genuine interest in meeting other people.  We actively monitor for “bots” and take swift action against people attempting to scam or spam our users.


How do you determine the profiles I see?

We match people up on the preferences they put into their profiles such as age and gender.  We automatically show you the people that are closest to your current location.


Why don’t you integrate with Facebook, Instagram, etc…?

We do not integrate with social media services to protect your privacy.  By logging into an app using Facebook or other social network you are sharing a significant amount of information with that network and their affiliates such as advertisers.  Our business model does not include selling or sharing your information ever.

In addition, we do not require your profile picture to be an actual picture on your social media account.  This helps you from people that would try to perform a reverse image search to find your social media account(s).

Is Smooth free?

Almost all the features of Smooth are completely free.  You can browse, like, dislike, change who you liked, etc…  You can text and leave voice mails with your matches for free.  The only option we charge for is real time calling of your matches.  When you sign up you get some initial credits that you can use to unlock calling to your matches.  You can purchase additional credits or get an unlimited subscription through the app.